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Mission & History

Founded in February of 2023, the Student Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees is a student-based organization committed to uplifting and engaging Cincinnati's immigrant and refugee communities. We're bringing students together to raise awareness and offer a support network for SAIR and other local organizations that assist immigrants and refugees. It can be hard for students to find a way to volunteer and help out - we are here to make things simple. 

Our student-led chapters work to educate their own smaller communities on immigration and refugeeism as well as support the broader community through fundraising for local organizations and projects. Students will learn about the history of American immigration, conflict surrounding modern immigration, and the impact of immigration on our local community. At SAIR, we believe it is important students understand the challenges immigrants face when coming to the United States. When possible, chapters bring in local immigrants and refugees to share their stories and better understand how they can offer support. 

Our efforts center on three broad organizational objectives: 

1) Education - Create and support opportunities to help with immigrant and refugee youth education.

2) Community - Welcome, support and create a sense of belonging for people building new lives in our community. 

3) Awareness - Recognize, celebrate and share the experiences and contributions of immigrants and refugees living in our community.

If you are part of a local organization that could benefit from SAIR's student volunteer network, please let us know. We are always looking for ways that we can expand our impact! To our students and volunteers - we are endlessly grateful for your work to support us. Your service means so much to us and the communities you support. 

The Student Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees is a registered 501(c)(3) in the State of Ohio. 

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