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Help to spread awareness and changes lives, starting in your very own community. 

Starting a SAIR chapter.

As a SAIR chapter, your job will be to engage and educate your community about immigration, whether that be your school, your neighborhood, or any other broader community you are a part of. We have resources that your chapter can utilize in meetings and offer special volunteer and leadership opportunities for our members. 

But what does it look like to run a SAIR chapter? Well, in large part, it's up to you. You can run a SAIR chapter at your school like a traditional club, with set leadership and schedule. Our guide, which you can access below, follows this traditional format. However, you don't have to follow this format. You can run your chapter in any way that suits you and your greater community's needs. All chapters select a delegate to represent them at SAIR planning meetings and engage their local members in SAIR community events. All chapters run independently under the guidance of SAIR. SAIR will always be there for you if you need anything (you can find our contact below).


We're here for you 
for the entire process.

Key School-Year Events: Although running a SAIR chapter is designed to be flexible and adaptive to a specific community's needs, there are several projects we strongly encourage our chapters to participate in. 1.) Student contribution to our blog. 2.) Student contribution to our Cincy Stories Project. 3.) Participation in at least ONE service project (will be sent out by email as well as public on our Schedule page) 4.) Holding at least ONE product drive (i.e. food drive, menstrual product drive, educational material drive).

We are here for YOU! As you start your SAIR chapter, we are there to guide you throughout the entire process. When you register as a delegate or assign an official chapter delegate, we will reach out directly, send all of our resources, and add the delegate to our official group communication system. In addition, we will hold monthly meetings for all of our delegates to come together and share what's happening in their SAIR chapters, questions, concerns, and new ideas for how we can support our students. It means a lot to us that our chapters are happy and running as smoothly as possible. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us at

Engage Your Community

Work to help local immigrants and refugees with hands-on activities and frequent volunteer opportunities. 

Uplift and Inspire

Spread awareness about immigration and refugee issues while documenting stories about Cincinnati's own immigrant and refugee communities.  

Make a Difference

Create and inspire change through education, volunteerism, and a multitude of activities.

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