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 Sago - Mount Lookout Eurasian Rotisserie

Zoe Schnadower, Walnut Hills High School

At first glance, Sago is a quaint little restaurant in Mount Lookout Square with warm lights and birds decorating the storefront. As you step in, this quaintness can be felt in every corner in the informal setting - the small store is scattered with various tables filled with people enjoying a nice meal.





The owner, a renowned chef named Paul Liew, is originally from Malaysia and moved to the United States in 2014 to find opportunities. After being a chef for 40 years, he opened his first restaurant in America called Straits of Malacca in Mason. Sago, his second spot, was created through a passion for authentic Eurasian food. Liew’s cooking style was described to me as “Malay Cantonese with a French influence style,” a style learned from his years working under the famous chef Jean Roberre. His food, cooked completely from scratch, is crafted with true love and dedication to delicious food.



The worker I spoke with recommended a dish called Nasi Lemak - a coconut rice with beef rendang served with cucumber sambal sauce and peanuts. The fan favorite, however, is Sago’s infamous duck, once cooked by Paul Liew for British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.


The true authentic flavors of Sago have not only been recognized by the dedicated patrons of the restaurant, but by food critic, restaurateur, and writer Guy Fieri himself, who visited the restaurant in April as part of his show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. Whether looking to explore the complex flavors of Eurasian cuisine or just to get a delicious, homemade meal, Sago is a place everyone should have on their bucket list.



You can watch Sago featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives at the link HERE, originally aired on September 8, 2023.

Check out Sago Here. Their address is:


1004 Delta Ave,

Cincinnati, OH 45208


                               An Exterior View of Sago


                               An Interior View of Sago

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